Tesla Roadster

Mileage 240,000
Accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds!. This is an original Australian delivered car; the first to be delivered to Western Australia. With only a limited number of production right-hand drives ever manufactured (less than 100 world-wide) makes this a potential collectable classic. Although a generous full charge range of over 320km, a battery replacement is offered as part of the sale price representing over $20,000 additional value to the buyer; alternatively this can be discounted from the asking price. This Roadster is privately owned car that was used for travel between Mandurah and Perth between 2011 and 2021 and has traveled over 240,000 km over that period with mostly freeway driving. The daily usage was between 150 Km and 200 Km. All energy has been offset by a 6 kilowatt-hour home solar rooftop system that delivers around 3-5 kilowatt-hour continuously to the Western Power Grid during the day that is partially recovered after 9pm at night. The total average daily capture is approx. 30-35 kilowatt-hour; for the daily usage this car needs only around 20-25 kilowatt-hour per day for the Mandurah to Perth round trip providing a net cash return from Synergy on a regular basis. This car has traveled over that range at NO Energy cost. After over 9 years it still achieves a generous 320Km in a single charge. The battery pack is expected to deliver a usable life of over 400,000km; so still only half way through the usable battery life and with the motor expected to deliver a usable life of over 1,000,000 Km before anyone even needs to have a close look at it this car has a long way to go. The motor is basically an AC Induction motor based on the Nicholas Tesla design of the 1890’s and has only one moving part Service costs have been low with only an electronics clean every 12 months. This car is exceptional value for anyone looking for something classic in their garage. Now looking for a new home. Roadster Stats: Number Manufactured Worldwide – 2,500 Delivered to Australia Approx. 20 Delivered to WA 2 Body Hand-crafted carbon fibre Maximum Range 400 Km (300Km normal charge) Top Speed 240 Km per Hour Acceleration 0-100 Km per Hour in under 3.8 seconds. Factory number but has been verified. Battery Microprocessor-controlled battery pack with 6,831 lithium-iron cells Weight 992 lb. (450 kg) Output High voltage: 366V DC Output Low voltage use: 13 V DC Operating temperature Driving: -1°F to 122°F (-17°C to 50°C) Charging: 32°F to 113°F (0°C to 45°C) Motor 288-hp/215Wh, 375-volt AC induction air-cooled electric motor with regenerative braking Motor Torque 400 Nm (2735 pound-feet) Transmission Single-speed gearbox, always engaged Brakes 4-wheel ventilated disc brakes with ABS Suspension 10-way adjustable shocks; 3-way adjustable anti-roll bars On-board power storage 56 kilowatt-hour Dimensions Overall length (in./mm) 155.4/3946 Overall width — incl. mirrors (in./mm) 73.7/1873 Overall height (at curb weight) (in./mm) 44.4/1127 Wheelbase (in./mm) 92.6/2352 Track-front (in./mm) 57.6/1464 Track-rear (in./mm) 59.0/1499 Curb weight 2690 pounds (est.) Leg Room (in./mm) 42.0/1067 Front Head Room (in./mm) 36.7/932 Front Shoulder Room (in./mm) 26.0/660
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