Triumph Model N

Mileage NA
Engine Single cylinder 498cc 4.94 HP
Rego NA
1927 Triumph Model N motor bike partially restored as per photos (including new tyres). The 1927 Model N was a logical progression from the very successful Model P engine but with the addition of an internal ‘semi-automatic’ oil pump along with the later evolvement of the 3 speed Model P gearbox. The Model N also has an updated frame with Webb single spring forks and a brake shoe rear hub which replaced the long-used Model P dummy belt-rim brake. The single internal band front brake remained. The frame is complete and has a December 1926 number (1003303). The engine has at some stage been repaired or otherwise because one half of the crankcase is from a 1925 Model P (engine number 215106 ROR) while the other half is a genuine Model N crankcase with oil pump. Parts include acetylene gas producer and lights, good fuel tank, tool bag/box, magnetos and various other parts for the fuel system etc. Available for inspection in Adelaide, South Australia.
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