1970 Renault 10S

Mileage Tba
Engine 1108 cc
Rego S832 BSO
In its time the Renault 10s was a real performance car. There were only approximately one thousand Renault 10s vehicles sold worldwide and mostly in Australia. Wheels called the 10s a “Renault with a Sting”. They said, “the 10s has all the endearing qualities of the stock 10 with disc brakes all ’round, steering lock, fascia vents, exceptionally comfortable seating, precise steering and all independent suspension.” They obviously liked it. The 10s marked the end of the long line of rear-engined Renaults. It was no decorative limited-edition, though, and featured lots of upgrades over the regular 10. In France, you could buy a 1300cc version but here, the performance of the 10’s standard 1108cc unit was increased to create the ‘S’ by the fitment of an eight-port cylinder head (as opposed to the Siamese ports of the usual unit), with larger valves and a different cam profile. A dual-throat Weber carburetor replaced a single-throat Solex item and there was a new exhaust system and new manifolds. This particular car featured in Unique cars magazine (Issue 346) back in 2013 and we are delighted to represent the car on behalf of its current owner . Perfect little entry level classic or one to add to your collection . Be different and stand out . Contact Ben Finnis for more details   Back