Jaguar Mk IV 2.5

Mileage 23765
Engine 2500cc
Rego S687 AIV
Collectable Classics is delighted to offer the next car for your perusal. Retrospectively referred to as the Mark IV, the first Jaguar was essentially a mildly revamped version of the pre-war SS range, suitably re-badged so as not to offend Britons for whom the ‘SS’ badge was, in Sir William Lyons’ own words, representative of “a sector of the community not highly regarded…” The original 2 ½-litre saloon was unveiled on the SS stand at the Motor Show in October 1935, with a revised version of the overhead-valve engine mated to an uprated Standard synchromesh gearbox. The beautifully proportioned, elegant coachwork wore huge Lucas P100 lamps and an integrated boot complete with a tray of tools, the start of a long-standing Jaguar tradition. This particular car has been shed bound for some time and only can be described as original. Body & trim are tidy but would respond to some TLC here and there. Motor sounds strong and has a particular nice Jaguar note from the exhaust In total Jaguar built 1,682 2 ½-litre saloons between 1945 and March 1949, plus a further 75 cars destined for export to left-hand drive markets, and sadly few of these wonderful British sports saloons remain on the road today. Contact Ben Finnis for more details - 0411 744 190   Back