Mercedes Benz 250C – SOLD

Mileage 50680 miles
Rego 63801H
THE REAL DEAL. Well this is the once in a blue moon classic with a real history. The car was ordered to meet Australian standards by a Qantas captain. The car was collected in Stuttgart in 1969. He then drove the car into Denmark to satisfy the German export requirements and then returned the car into storage. After two years, to comply with Australian import regulations he then had the car brought to Australia where he gave the Benz to his sister who lived in Double Bay, she was the secretary for Legacy. The car was fitted with air conditioning in Sydney which now works very well. His sister kept the car for many years until she had to go into a nursing home. He then resumed ownership until at age 99 years he decided that he should sell it. This was a bit over two years ago. I took over ownership at that time. I have every bit of paperwork covering the car, all rego inspections, maintenance receipts etc and even the sales brochure which he viewed prior to purchase. The paperwork proves the usage and mileage at 55K. I am now forced to part with "Bernice Benz" because we have sold our house with multiple garage spaces to move to Queensland and both my collector cars have to go. When new this model sold for the equivalent of half the value of an average Sydney House. For a '69 model car to have progressive crumple zones, performance and braking to handle Autobahn speeds etc was absolute top of the line stuff. This model is still very affordable not having yet taken off in value like other Benz units of the time. The car runs beautifully, is up to date with service, brakes and tyres etc, looks a treat and is ready to give many years of faithful service. It is on NSW historic plates so all the advantages of this system could be enjoyed by a future owner. If you want a top line collector car with super provenance then this is the car for you. Car is located in Leura, NSW.
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