MG One and a quarter litre model Y- SOLD

Mileage 575 miles
Engine Four cylinder supercharged
Rego 77620H
This car first registered in 1950 in Victoria It was purchased by the current owner in 2013 having spent the previous twenty years in a derelict state in a barn near Castlemaine. Towed back to Sydney, the car was dismantled down to the last nut and bolt. Then every part was examined and if worn it was reconditioned or replaced. The reward a class win in the MG Car Club 2014 concourse. The body was sand blasted and painted in two pack enamel, the engine was rebuilt with all new pistons and bearings. The cylinder head was gas flowed and converted to run on unleaded fuel. The supercharger, a period Marshall-Nordec unit was rebuilt by JVC Engineering at Neutral Bay.The gearbox was rebuilt with the later model selectors, no more jumping out of second. The differential has been modified and now has a Morris Minor 4.55 crown wheel and pinion. The totally rebuilt brakes have been fitted with vacuum booster. The original and working semaphore trafficators have been augmented with flashing lights front and rear. There are five new tyres. The upholstery is from a kit by NTG in the UK. The car is ready to go for another sixty eight years. With the car are a number of spares including the manifold and exhaust to run the car in standard trim. The car is for sale to make way to for another project. The car won the MG Car Club Concourse at Silverwater last week end.
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